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Welcome to the 'i heart graphics' community.
This community is to show off your creativity in graphic making: wallpapers,
icons, brushes, etc. We host challenges in order to spark your imagination for
graphics. Anyone is also is free to post their own icons or to request icons.. The challenges
are separated in different categories: lyrics, use photo, character and subject.
There are then sub-categories to explain the exact challenge. Anyone can suggest
a challenge. Challenges are voted for once several graphics are completed. We
then announce a winner. Anybody with a creative imagination can join!

This community is maintained by iheartpeter and mycorrptreality.

{{ rules }}

[1] You must be an active poster.

[2] No insulting, drama, etc.

[3] Please follow the rules of the challenges.

[4] Use lj-cut if you post more than three 100x100 (or smaller) graphics. Use lj-cut if you post more than one larger than 100x100 graphic.

[5] If you are looking to take any of the graphics here, please find out the
creator's rules.

[6] You may post graphics that aren't part of the challenge, but please let us
know somewhere in the message.

[7] Lj-cut is your friend.

[8] Let us know what challenge you are posting for in your post (if that makes
any sense...).

[9] Anybody can vote , graphic-makers and visitors.

[10] If you want to participate in a challenge, but don't want any votes, let us
know in the post.

[11] You can post as many graphics as you want.

{{ voting }}

We're just going to put up polls for voting once we have several participants.

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To be a moderator, please email nolwen.

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None =(

If you are interested in being an affiliate,
please email nolwen.

{{ resources }}

100x100_brushes, purposeicons, brushes.echoica.net, brushes.da.ru

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